Updated: 12/18/99

House Of Wires is an electronic pop band from Southern California who play cool music in the grand tradition of Depeche Mode and OMD. Part of the local Christian rock movement, Highwire Daze recently asked them their thoughts on the current electronic scene, their lyrical ideas, and Blasphemous Rumour by Depeche Mode. Read on for further insight...

Highwire Daze: Introduce yourself and tell me what you do in House of Wires?

Jon: I'm Jon and I do the vocals, play different instruments, and program synthesizers.

Rob: I'm Robert, and I don't sing, but I play and program synthesizersand other electronic devices.

HD: Where is the band from and how long have you been together?

H.O.W.: We currently live in Orange County, California. We have been together since 1993.

HD: Describe the music of House of Wires to those who have not heard it yet.

Rob: Music with a blanket of electronic rhythms and elements - seems to be the best way to describe it.

HD: Isn't Monogamy a strange name for an album? Where did the idea come for the lyrics?

Jon: Monogamy seems to be a strange concept for today's society. The lyrics for the title track came about when I realized how many marriage end in divorce and how so many people shy away from commitment to one another.

HD: "Living is a luxury but nothing beats eternity." Awesome lyric. Explain the idea to those who have not heard your album...

Jon: Jesus loves us and has given hope to those who believe in Him. The hope is that we will live with Him eternally and the pains of this world will disappear.

HD: How much influence does Christianity have on your music?

H.O.W.: Because we are believers and followers of Christ, Christianity influences all areas of our lives, not just music.

HD: One of your major musical influences does a song called "Blasphemous Rumour." What do you think of Depeche Mode in general and that song in particular.

Jon: I think that Depeche Mode is a very talented band (even though to this day, I still don't own a single record by them). As far as that particular song goes, I disagree with their perspective, but I think that it is important to know where non Christians are coming from in order to share what Christianity means to me.

Rob: I think that Depeche Mode has done a lot of good songs throughout the years and I respect them musically and artistically, but like Jon, I don't agree with their view point about God.

HD: Where did you get the recording of "Song of Siberia?" What is a hard track to mix together?

Jon: My Dad and I have a small collection of old 78's - some from thrift stores, some from friends. It was in with the rest of the collection.

Rob: "Song of Siberia" was probably the hardest track to mix - it seemed to take forever to perfect it.

HD: How long did it take to record the "Monogamy" album?

H.O.W.: About two months.

HD: Do you think that electronic pop music will become more popular,less or remain about the same?

Jon: It will continually, randomly have high and low points. Really, the popularity of a certain kind of music doesn't necessarily have to do with how good it is, but how available it is and how it is advertised. With this in mind, anything can happen.

Rob: Only time will tell.

HD: What was your favorite CD of 1999 and why?

Jon: I think pop is at it's all time low. There are few 1999 albums that I would recommend. I like the new Autumns EP. I like what Stephen Meritt and The Magnetic Fields are doing. X-Marks the Pedwalk: retrospective is excellent as well. I also like Belle and Sebastian: "tiger milk" even though it's a reissue and not really a 1999 release. Almost everything else that I've bought recently is not a 1999 release. Oh did I mention that I really like the way our new album "Monogamy" came out.

Rob: Ouch!, tough queston. In all honesty I don't have a favorite of 99. Most music I buy is generally before this year...kind of sad really, but there really hasn't been that much out that has really caught my eye. I did however really enjoy the latest "Autechre" album/EP.

HD: If there was on thing you'd like a listener to get out of hearing your music, what would it be?

H.O.W.: Enjoyment and insightfulness.

HD: What are the plans for House of Wires in the Year 2000?

H.O.W.: Another album release and another Tour.

The new House Of Wires CD is called MONOGAMY and it's available from Platiqmusiq/Tooth & Nail Records.