Updated: 06/05/01

The music of Too Many Gods is hard and chaotic, so naturally the e-mail interview would turn out pretty much the same. After a bit of editing, here is what I could make out of it. After you get done deciphering it, make sure you order yourself a copy of their new album Blind Soul Lottery. Fans of hardcore and metal will be in for a surprise!!!

Highwire Daze: Introduce yourself, what you do in Too Many Gods, and tell me how long the band has been together.

Justin: Guitar/programming. The band has been together since 98, I think.

Rob: Vocal assaults, screams, cries and violence.

Nick: August of 98. I quit working at Guitar Center and started playing with Too Many Gods. I play drums and sequence.

Niko: Bass, songwriting, sequencing, and promoting


HD: Where is the band from and what is the music scene like there?

Justin: Detroit Michigan, the scene is bigger than it's been in along time.

Rob: It's a big scene and I still don't fit in.

Niko: I have lived in Michigan, Huntington beach, Los Angeles/Hollywood and full circle to Michigan again. 'There is no such thing as scene, its just music' - Niko -- quote me boy…

HD: So first of all, where did you come up with the band name Too Many Gods and is there any meaning behind the name?

Justin: We thought Too Many Gods would be a good name for the band, you know make people think and maybe question the way they think and live day to day. The meaning behind the name is different to everyone that reads it. I would really say there isn't one meaning.

HD: If you had to describe your music to a doddering old person, what would you say?

Justin: A lot of noise, rock and roll mixed with disco and punk rock. HAHA. I would say we are a mix of industrial, techno, hardcore, metal and anything else you can come up with.

Rob: "Hey listen, geezer, it's just a bunch of loud noize!"

Nick: It's really pissed off and crazy. It's a lot of screaming and guitars with techno. It's a modern road rage soundtrack for space ships.

HD: Where do you get the ideas for some of the lyrics to the songs?

Rob: Mostly from life experiences, but also from what I see day to day and what surrounds me.

Nick: If I write it down and I read it later when I'm sober and it upsets me, I know its good.

HD: The last song When The Smoke Clears almost sounds like a whole different band. Tell me what the song is all about.

Justin: I wrote the music after losing a co-worker to suicide. I was the guy's whooping post for 2 years, and when he died I felt weird because I didn't like the guy, I truly hated him, and I didn't think I felt anything, which really totally bothered me, I called in to work sat on the computer and started writing.

HD: Tell me about your experience playing at the Milwaukee Metalfest and your overall impressions of the weekend?

Justin: I didn't listen to music for 3 weeks after the Metalfest. Lots of death metal. Last year our time slot was good, but the fact that Malevolent Creation and Wrestling were going on at the same time sorta took a lot of people from checking out Too Many Gods.

Rob: We saw a few cool bands, got really fucked up, and Justin spit on some heckler bitch ass.

Nick: It was the most death metal I have ever listened to willingly for one sitting. It was better in 99 .

HD: How much input did you have on the strange cover artwork of Blind Soul Lottery and what does it all mean?

Justin: Brian Wood from Channel Zero (Image Comics) and writer of Generation X (Marvel Comics) did the artwork. We met over the Internet. Brian Wood and Too Many Gods share a lot of the same views. We thought he would be perfect for the artwork for Blind Soul Lottery. We gave him the title and he drew the cover. When I look at the cover I see things that can kill you, what do you see?

Nick: We gave him a few ideas and he ran with em. Brian is an anarchist and a genius. He lives art.

HD: In fact, what is a Blind Soul Lottery?

Justin: At anytime, any place life can be taken; you're number has been called.

HD: Do you have any messages for people who might be interested in checking out the music of Too Many Gods?

Justin: If your looking for Limp/Korn or Papa Roach or Linkin Park or a rapcore band - don't' look here. If you're looking for something new, check out Too Many Gods.

Nick: If you hate you parents and all the crap on the radio, we're for you. Digital hardcore fast and furious!



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