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Swordmaster is a dynamic death and thrash metal band from Gothenburg who are beginning to get quite a following here in the States. Their second full length album has just been released on Osmose Records. We recently did an e-mail interview with Beast Electric, so read on for all the news on the mighty Swordmaster!

Highwire Daze: So Beast Electric, give me a little background on the mighty Swordmaster.

Beast Electric: Nightmare and I play the Lead Guitar, We started the band back in ´93 so we have been around for about seven years by now and during that time we have released a few underground albums. Wraths of Time mcd ´95, Postmortem Tales CD ´97 and Deathraider mcd ´98. Finally we have released our new and second full-length album Moribund Transgoria.

HD: Describe your music to someone who has never heard it before.

Beast Electric: We started out as a black metal band but then took a few steps towards thrash metal on Postmortem Tales and Deathraider, but on the new album we have written more melodic material but still mixed into the songs in a very aggressive way. We think it's important not to lose the aggression in your music. I guess you could call us "Melodic" Death Metal. It's quite hard to label your own music because you just write whatever comes to mind and never really give it a second thought what category it will be classified as.

HD: Where is the band from and what is the music scene like there?

Beast Electric: We are partly located in Gothenburg. The whole band doesn't live here but we rehearse on weekends and so on. Whiplasher just moved here so now we are four who live here. The music scene here is great, I mean there are lots of good bands and there are many rock clubs to get f*cked up in. Gothenburg definitely has the biggest music scene in Sweden.

HD: What do you think sets Swordmaster apart from other metal bands?

Beast Electric: We have always just done whatever we felt like doing, we never gave a sh*t what people thought about us. We have tried to impress ourselves more than other people at some times.

HD: How does the new Moribund Transgoria album compare to your other releases?

Beast Electric: It's more melodic but still hard and fast. We have used more guitar leads. The songs are more worked through and better produced, we strived for a clearer production but without losing the aggression and intensity. Compared to the older material it's absolutely the best album we have ever done.

HD: Where did the inspiration for the lyrics come from?

Beast Electric: As always, the lyrics are a big part of Swordmaster and they are a way for Whiplasher to express his view of the everyday life through his somewhat twisted perspective. The lyrics are very dark and deal with many different topics like anti-christianity and the subject "we are of no soul, just flesh" and some lyrics are inspired by occult myths. "Towards Erotomech Eve" was inspired by an old painting of a giant penis of steel into a vagina of steel. And the lyrics to the song are about seeing the nature in what others see as unnatural, a way of thinking that is untouched by religious and philosophical figment.

HD: Any plans for Swordmaster to play here in the U.S.?

Beast Electric: We will come over as soon as we get a tour offer for the US. We haven't had any opportunities to go over yet, but we hope to do so in the future. We have many shows here in Europe, unfortunately we just had to cancel a tour in Germany because of deadlines, but something else will come up soon.

HD: What album or CD do you own that would surprise a Swordmaster fan?

Beast Electric: Two albums with some old lady singing christian songs in Swedish, I got them as a birthday present from Peter from Dissection. It was a joke of course, but they are still here somewhere. He got them from his girlfriend’s grandparents who died, they had even x-marked their favourite songs.

HD: How has the reaction towards Swordmaster been in the States so far?

Beast Electric: It's been really positive, we have tons of interviews dropping in right now and more are coming. The release was about a month later in the US than in Europe so when we were just about done with all the promotion and interviews here it starts all over again in the US.

HD: What did you wind up doing to celebrate the New Year?

Beast Electric: We went together with some of our friends to a giant party, it was great, totally spaced out. Loud music and lots of dope and alcohol.

HD: What would you like someone to get out of hearing your music?

Beast Electric: That's a hard question, I never thought of it that way. We just do what we do and when someone appreciates what we do, it's the best reward. Of course you can't always please everybody. There's always someone there saying that they don't like what you do, but you just have to accept the fact that there's always gonna be some idiot there and then just ignore the f*cker. The main reason for us playing music isn't to please the masses with what they wanna hear or what they expect us to play.

HD: Do you have any kind of message for your fans here in the States?

Beast Electric: Not really, we have had backward messages on all our recordings, we always tried to manipulate people into doing sick things. I don't know if it worked though.

Moribund Transgoria by Swordmaster is now available here in the States through Osmose Productions!


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