Updated: 07/20/02

Raventhorne is an adventure in folk and epic metal brought to you courtesy of sole member Ray Wells, with a bit of assistance from the Hollenthon duo of Martin Schirenc and Mike Groeger. With all this creativity exploding into the music, it's no surprise that Endless Conflict Theorem has turned out as brilliant and as epic as it has. Highwire Daze talks with Ray Wells to find out more about the kingdom of Raventhrone.

Highwire Daze: Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Raventhrone, and how long the project has been together.

Ray Wells: I started RT with a buddy about 6 years ago...sort of as a passtime. Back in the day Armand my buddy did keyboard arrangements with me and I did all the guitars and bass. We did vocals together as well. Today RT is just a one man project. But I use a drummer when I do studio work!

HD: Describe the unique music of Raventhrone to someone who has never heard it before. There are more influences in the mix here than just metal...

Ray: It's always hard for me to explain RT's music..It's a mixture of all kinds of different styles of music and influences. I don't really adhere to any type of music in particular...that's probably one of the main reasons I started create music that I like but that no one offers...I listen to a lot of older 70s prog stuff like Genesis, King Crimson etc...maybe sometimes that shines through, but all in all it's still metal with a melodic and yet epic/aggressive touch.

HD: Where do you get the ideas for some of the lyrics on Endless Conflict Theorem and what is the meaning behind the title cut?

Ray: The lyrics for the entire album were written , believe it or not, in one afternoon (expect for one or two songs). I ran out of time and had to write them in a park in Austria, was pretty inspiring there though! I listen to the tracks and try and picture the words. To me music is like a B&W photo and lyrics add the color...I am not big on putting any fancy or artsy meaning into my lyrics, they are meant to entertain and fit the song. The same goes for the title track...I find the title sounds cool!

HD: The keyboards really enhance the songs. Since you play almost every instrument on the album as well, can't this become a recording nightmare in a way?

Ray: Yeah, and sometimes composing becomes a little lonesome too...I enjoy working with other musicians...perhaps I will begin looking for support in the near future. Recording isn't so bad. Like I said, I have a drummer in Vienna and the guitars/bass are pretty straightforward. Vocals usually take the longest...I like using keyboards and I agree they can definitely uplift a song!

HD: Are you originally from Austria? And what made you decide to move across the seas to Canada?

Ray: Well, it's sort of strange...I was born in Austria and lived there all my life and moved to Toronto when I was 22, but my dad is English and my mum Chinese...haha...They have lived in Canada for a while now so my wife and I decided to move here. We've been here 4 and a half years now and love it! Canada is a great place!

HD: What made you decide to use Mike Groeger on Hollenthon as your drummer?

Ray: He was the natural choice seeing that I had worked with him on Malice and that he is an amazing and very talented drummer.

HD: What was the contribution Martin Schirenc made to the recording of the new album?

Ray: He engineered the recording and gave me some good he maybe co produced a little. He's a good buddy of mine and I'd always record with him if I could!

HD: Has Raventhrone ever performed live or are there any plans to do so in the future?

Ray: I don't know yet...I get that question a lot and I guess there would be decent size crowds, but I have no plans at the moment. But who knows!

HD: Among Whispering Walls is so dangerously catchy you could almost hear it being played on the radio. Is that something you want to do and was it your intention to write a song this accessible?

Ray: not really. I like catchy stuff though that you listen to and then can't forget the melody all day. I enjoy epic/cheesy stuff a la Manowar, haha...Radio isn't on my mind really, I know I get quite a bit of Airplay in Europe, but over here, as you well know, it's dead!

HD: A Night Among The Ruins Of Basra is the most imaginative song on the album, both vocally and musically. Can you tell me a little about what inspired you when you wrote the lyrics and music to this one?

Ray: Yeah, it's sort of poetic in a way. I just had this picture in my head of this old city of Basra hundreds of years ago and made the metaphor of the deceiving temptress. I don't know, even a blind chicken finds a corn at times I guess...I outdid myself, haha! The guitar riff is so simple, but yet the song is very intense and then those ultra cool Buddhist Monks in the Bridge are awesome! I also had to stick in the Death Metal riff at the end, I mean that just had to be done, haha!

HD: So what is currently going on with the Pazuzu project?

Ray: I am busy right now on a few other projects, but I am working on stuff that will be a little more back to the roots. I am not sure when something will be released just yet! I want to get some good ideas and sounds together before I start production. I have a little studio in my house, so it's pretty convenient for composing!

HD: If Britney Spears asked you to go on tour with her band for a year, would you put your various musical projects on hold and do it?

Ray: Of course! Dude imagine the chicks and booze?????? Who would say no to that??? And on top of that I don't even need to play my instrument because it's all playback!

HD: So what's up next for you? Are there any other projects you are involved with?

Ray: I am working on some computer game music. I also have a DM project I do for myself and I also started jamming with a band that plays stuff in the vein of STP and Alice in Chains, just for fun and to play some shows. I'm pretty diverse!

HD: Any messages for those who might want to check out the music of Raventhrone?

Ray: Check out Raventhrone, buy my albums and help make me wealthy! I really don't like working :) Stay heavy and original!


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