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One of the most respected bands on the Norwegian Black Metal scene, Old Manís Child is only now beginning to make a name for themselves here in the States. The new album is entitled Revelation 666 -The Curse Of Damnation and has just been released via Century Media. We had a chance to speak with founding member Galder -- it was 2:30 in the morning his time and he had just completed ten interviews that day! And here was his final interview for the night...

Highwire Daze: Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Old Manís Child, and tell me how long the band has been together.

Galder: Iím Galder, Iím the vocalist and guitarist and keyboardist. We started in 1993 and have done four albums and one mini-album.

HD: Where is the band based out of now?

Galder: Weíre right outside of Oslo.

HD: Is the Black Metal scene still going strong over there?

Galder: Itís not much of a scene. Many people think that the Norwegian Black Metal scene is like a Mafia or something, but thatís just bullsh*t. Itís just a lot of people playing Black Metal and perhaps itís a little bit more extreme than any other style of music. But itís just normal.

HD: How do you think Revelation 666 compares to your earlier work?

Galder: I think this is a little more back to our old roots. I would say that this is definitely the best sound weíve ever had. One thing I like with this album is that all the songs really have a good quality. Perhaps on the other albums, thereís like different qualities on different songs.

HD: Where did you get the ideas for the lyrics for some of the songs on Revelation 666?

Galder: I suppose we get inspiration for life itself. I mean, life sucks and that is what we write about. Itís always about judgmental things and stuff like that. We have a very easy message. We donít have anything political.

HD: What did Peter Tagtgren contribute to the recording of Revelation 666?

Galder: He was really great and into the recording from the first moment. And he helped us out a lot when it came to keyboards and stuff like that -- because keyboards are not my main instrument and I donít have too much of a clue about that -- and he has. He was really into it from the first moment and helped us out in a lot of small things. He contributed with some ideas and of course he was in charge of the sound.

HD: Where does the name Old Manís Child come from?

Galder: It comes from a Viking book. I donít know what the meaning was of it at that moment, but we always referred to it as like a (son) of the devil. We wanted to have an original name and that is what it is.

HD: What do you think of the state of the Black Metal scene worldwide today?

Galder: Of course, it is mainly ruled by the Scandinavian countries. But I think that other countries are getting further up with the music. I donít know the situation in America, but I suppose they are producing a couple of Black Metal bands nowadays. Itís growing very big and I think itís about the same size as Death Metal was a couple of years ago. So thatís good. Itís meant to the underground, but I think if you make good music, then itís impossible to keep it underground. If you could spread the word to more people, then fine.

HD: What do you think of all the bands from different countries imitating Scandinavian Black Metal bands?

Galder: I donít think itís very successful. Bands need to have their own sound. You can easily hear if itís Norwegian metal or if itís Swedish metal or if itís American metal. So I think that they have to find their own style.

HD: What is your view on organized religion? Is it good for anybody?

Galder: No. I just think itís something that humans want, because they are afraid of dying. They need something to help them out with that. But I donít care about it really. If you grew up in Japan then you would be a Buddhist. And if the Japanese grew up in America, then he would be a Christian. Itís total bullsh*t really.

HD: Do you subscribe to any philosophies, religious or otherwise?

Galder: I think Iím an Atheist. I have my feelings. I canít say there doesnít exist anything, but I have my own beliefs. And whether itís true or not, I donít know. Iíll just have to wait and see until I die. But itís hard to say. No one knows -- and thatís the way itís suppose to be.

HD: What does the term Satanism mean to you -- if anything.

Galder: Iím pretty much against humans, and Satanism is also pretty much against humans. Everything that is against the way we are living today is fine. That is really what it means to me as well.

HD: What is it about humans that really pisses you off?

Galder: Just because we donít believe in harmony with nature. And I think that everyone that lives here should live in harmony with nature. Thereís really too many of us and we just destroy the Earth. I really donít think we belong here, so thatís really it.

HD: Dimmu Borgir played out here in the States recently. I was wondering if there was any chance of Old Manís Child touring out here?

Galder: We actually were suppose to play there right now. We were suppose to go on tour with Satyricon and Immortal. But we didnít find a keyboard player so we had to cancel it. Actually, I think they are playing out there right now. We want to go to the States and I think that Century Media wants to send us over. Thereís a big chance that weíll go later this year. Everyone in Old Manís Child really wants to go over there.

HD: Would this be your first time in the States?

Galder: Yeah.

HD: What is a live Old Manís Child show like for those of us who have yet to see you play?

Galder: We just do our thing. We give 100 percent. We donít do anything special -- we have the normal Black Metal with make-up and stuff like that. But of course we give 100 percent and Old Manís Child is a good live band. People will get what they pay for.

HD: What do you think of the Christian Black Metal bands?

Galder: Itís stupid. Itís cool that they play metal, but itís not Black Metal. Black Metal is a Satanic form of music and that is the way itís suppose to be.

HD: What CD or about do you have in your collection that someone would be very surprised to find that you own?

Galder: I have all sorts of strange things -- mainly because Century Media sends me all this crap all the time so I have a lot of punk and stuff. But I think I listen to about one percent of the albums I have -- so I think I have a lot of strange things.

HD: What are some of the CDís you are listening to currently?

Galder: Right now, what I have in the CD player is the new Cannibal Corpse, which is excellent. I listen to everything -- old heavy metal like WASP and Ozzy. I listen to Immortal and Emperor and a lot of classical music. Itís varied.

HD: What do you think of your demos being released as a split CD with Dimmu Borgir?

Galder: I really donít mind, because they were made about the same time. Itís been released before. It doesnít sell very good (demos), so itís cool that more people could have the chance of listening to it. Iím pretty satisfied with the material. I was 16 years old when I made it. And if people could see it as a demo, then itís cool. But yeah, I donít mind.

HD: When you look back at your earlier albums, what do you think?

Galder: Iím pretty much satisfied with everything Iíve made. Of course, thereís a lot of things I would like to change. If you listen to the first album Born Of The Flickering, the sound could definitely be much better. It was recorded in five days, so you canít expect too much. I think weíve progressed from that time, but thatís just normal. But Iím pretty satisfied with all of my albums.

HD: How long did it take to record Revelation 666?

Galder: Three weeks. We always do three weeks. I think we should have had one more week so we could experiment a little with different stuff. But Iím pretty satisfied -- thereís not many mistakes on the album and it turned out pretty good.

HD: Do you have any messages for Black Metal fans here in the States?

Galder: I just hope that everyone shows up if weíre lucky enough to go on the tour in the States. And donít show up sober -- be drunk as hell and we can have a great time.

The Old Manís Child line-up is Galder on vocals, lead guitars and synthesizers, Jardar on lead guitar, Memnoch on bass, plus Grimar and Tjodalv on drums.


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