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Map is a band based out of Riverside who perform dreamy alternative music that can teach you to fly. Featuring Josh Dooley from Starflyer 59, the band has an EP out on Velvet Blue Records and was on the verge of going on their very first tour the night Josh answered these questions.

Highwire Daze: Introduce yourself, what you do in Map, and tell me how long the band has been together.

Josh: I am Josh Dooley. I play Guitar, Keyboards and sing for MAP. I also write all of the songs. Map started in spring of 2000.

HD: Being from Riverside, is there much of a music scene or any place to play out there?

Josh: The only music scene is cover bands or funk. There is not really any place to play out here. A few coffee shops that tell you to turn down and one struggling all ages club called The Noise Attic.

HD: If you had to describe your music to an old person, what would you say?

Josh: Music to fall asleep or drive alone to. Burt Bacharach meets Grieg with a little Henry Mancini. That is a hard question.

HD: Your EP is called Teaching Turtles To Fly. Where did you get the idea for the curious title?

Josh: The Title "Teaching Turtles to Fly" comes from an old song I wrote. Basically helping the awkward to be graceful.

HD: The World Wants To See You Nude is the name of a song on your EP. Erm, where did you get the idea for that song?

Josh: I wrote this song the day Kurt Cobain was found dead. I saw Courtney Love looking sexy in Spin magazine the same day. She was promoting "Live Through This." I wrote the song for Courtney and the daughter Francis. I thought about the sexy rockstar, widow, wife, mother, raising the daughter alone and explaining to Francis her father's death. All this drama is going on and Courtney is looking innocent on the cover of Spin. I do not know if this makes sense but that is what inspired the song.

HD: Prior to Map, what other bands or musical projects were you involved in?

Josh: I played in coffee shops and college clubs alone or with any musical friends that I could find for the last eight years. These shows would consist of me playing songs that would eventually become material for MAP. The only thing worth mentioning is my first project "Nova Satori" which is really just an infant version of MAP. I mention it because Jason Martin of Starflyer 59 was the drummer. I played guitar and wrote the mostly instrumental songs. We only played a handful of shows. I also played Guitar for a country band "Hank Floyd" This is how I met Joey and Angelo of MAP.

HD: You are also a member of Starflyer 59. Is it difficult to be involved in both bands and have your bands ever played a show together?

Josh: I love being in both bands. It is two different outlets for me. MAP I am obsessive about every detail. SF59 is Jason's project to obsess over I kinda show up and try different ideas that would not work in MAP but are still fun to play. Also Jason and Jeff are great mentors. I have a lot to learn from them artistically and business wise. MAP and Starflyer 59 have never played a show together and probably won't to just keep the worlds separate. The only thing hard is when you do a couple of shows back to back because both bands have different modes. I just listen to one or the other to get in the modes before I play.

HD: Your music is much heavier live than on the album. Do you feel this is so, and will the next record feature a heavier sound?

Josh: If we are more heavy live it is because there is just another kind of energy when there are people around. We also think up different arrangements after the song is recorded and use the live shows to give the audience something new. The new album might have a couple of heavier songs but not much heavier.

HD: Where are some of the places you've gone on tour with Map and how have the shows been going?

Josh: So far MAP has only been in Southern California. We leave tonight for a two-week tour with Pony Express and Fine China. 14 shows in 13 days across 8 states from Arizona to Illinois. The So Cal shows have been going very well and the audiences have been very encouraging.

HD: What do you think of the current state of alternative music and how does Map fit into to the scheme of things?

Josh: From what I can tell MAP does not fit in with modern music. Which is bittersweet.

HD: Give us your two cents worth on this crucial debate here at Highwire Daze. Who's better - Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera?

Josh: Britney is prettier but Christina can sing better. Britney's songs are better but Christina can dance better. I am going to say Britney based on her Saturday night live performance being better than Christina's.

HD: What are the future plans for Map?

Josh: We are touring now. We will have a full length out later in 2001. I would like to just keep recording playing live and having some kind of effect on people.

HD: Do you have any messages for people who might be interested in checking out the music of Map?

Josh: Just listen.


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