Updated: 06/19/01

The music of Haste is hardcore at it's most ballistic! Yes, these guys are total spazzes and have been known to knock over all that stands in their way -- including each other. Their great new album is called When Reason Sleeps and it's from the folks at Century Media. Now on tour with Zao, here is a recent interview I did with one of those hasty dudes...

Highwire Daze: First of all, tell me what you do in Haste and how long the band has been together.

Kelly Reaves: I sing and scream the lower stuff - the guy with the deeper voice. This present line-up has been together for going on six years now. All together, Haste has been together for about eight.

HD: Where is the band based out of and what is the music scene like there?

Kelly: We're from Birmingham, Alabama. The scene here - as far as the more underground hardcore metal and emo - is pretty small. We've got a lot of local bands - everything from crusty punk stuff to really melodic emo. It's actually pretty cool.

HD: When recording When Reason Sleeps, weere you worried about that legendary second album slump?

Kelly: We didn't really think about it. We hadn't really heard that much about it. A lot of my favorite bands - their second albums are just as good as their first ones. The later ones were even better. It was after we got everything done that people started saying, "Usually the second album of a band sucks!" And I kinda thought, "Oh really?" We didn't really have that to worry about.

HD: If you didn't really know about it, then the jinx isn't there…

Kelly: Yeah, yeah. And I hear that the third album is the breakthrough epic album for a band. So maybe the next one will be cool too.

HD: That one you'll have to be nervous about.

Kelly: Yeah, we probably will. We'll probably be worried about screwing that up when the time comes, I suppose.

HD: What are some of the lyrics on the new album inspired by?

Kelly: Our lyrics are usually inspired by just day to day stuff that happens with us. We don't write about politics or anything. It's personal things, family, relationships - we don't do stuff with politics just because there's always somebody who does it so much better I guess. We have our own personal views of politics and religions. But as far as the lyrics go, it's just personal things - people who have affected our lives and things like that.

HD: What is Vicki...Is This A Compromise?

Kelly: (laughs) That one is just a kind of inside joke. We don't actually know anyone named Vicki. We were talking about names for songs, and Brandon our bass player said, "Let's name one Vicki!" You see, they name their guitars and stuff, and one of his basses was named Vicki just because it popped off the top of his head one day. So we were like "Okay, Vicki what?" And then somebody said, "Is this a compromise?" And we were like "Vicki...Is This A Compromise?" And I guess the "..." part came from the movie Sling Blade. Some of our stuff is pretty goofy, I guess. But we just have fun and cut up and stuff.

HD: So what happens When Reason Sleeps?

Kelly: That's kind of one of those things that it's up to whoever is listening to decide for themselves. With our lyrics, they'll be about certain things in our lives. The way music has always been for me, if somebody has a pretty spelled out story about what's happened to them, you always relate it to something personal to you - to some event in your life. That's always seemed to help me in different stages in life when things were going on. So hopefully, somebody will do the same with our music. That's the ultimate compliment - "Your song means a lot to me and makes me think of this." A certain amount of it is whoever's listenings personal experience and what it means to them.

HD: You did a bit of touring last year and I was wondering if you had any horror road stories you'd like to share.

Kelly: We've got several injury stories. We went out to LA and were in an earthquake. It wasn't like things falling off the wall, but there was still an earthquake happening and it sounds cool when you say, "Yeah, we survived an earthquake." And then on the East Coast when we were out there, we got caught by a hurricane in Maryland and were stuck in a room for four days and all the shows got cancelled and everything. We were also in the middle of that big blizzard last February that hit the East Coast and the Northeast so hard. Other than that, we've had the air conditioning go out in the middle of Texas in August, which is pretty bad. It was really hot and there were six of us in the van and it was pretty bad. We've had different injuries - I fell off a stage in Austin when we played South By Southwest and I think cracked a couple of ribs when the monitor came down with me and hit me in the back on my way down.

HD: Oww! Not good!!!!

Kelly: Yeah! Well I didn't really feel it until the next day and it sucked! I went head first because I tripped over my own mic chord and put my elbow up to keep me from landing on my head. So I had these badly bruised fingers and elbows for a couple of weeks. I've got scars from where Nick was slinging his guitar and smashing me in the arm. We run into each other a lot. Chris has fallen off of stage, but nothing we couldn't recover from. No real horror stories.

HD: How did your recent tour with Kittie go?

Kelly: It's wasn't really a tour. We played a show here with Kittie in Birmingham with them. They were really nice. And we've actually hung out with them since when they played kind of close here in Nashville. But we've toured with Turmoil and we've got a lot of tours set up for the next few months too. We would like to be doing a lot more touring on this album.

HD: We'll have to make sure another earthquake happens when you to visit us again here in LA.

Kelly: We're wondering what other natural disasters we can stay away from - like where there can be avalanche possibilities…

HD: So are there any haste groupies at any of the shows?

Kelly: (laughs) Not that I know of. If there are, I guess they're really shy. We're just six really normal guys. We don't dress up or do anything dumb like that. We're fans of music. We like playing music. We just play our stuff and hang out. We love to talk to people and everything. As far as groupies, most everybody has girlfriends, or they usually do. Several of the guys are married. But I haven't heard of any groupies - so far. We have a lot of loyal fans and friends.

HD: So at a Haste show, if some guys offers you 100 bucks to sing Oops I Did It Again by Britney Spears during your set, would you do it?

Kelly: (laughs) 100 bucks? Heck yeah! That's a lot of money to us. That would pay for a lot of gas and tons of stuff with us. Yeah, I would do it. I think I've actually done that in karaoke before -- just for laughs. We're just real light hearted - we have fun with everything we do. If we get a kick out of it, we'll do it. I don't know if the rest of the guys will have anything to do with it. But I can look pretty cute in a tube top sometimes I suppose…

HD: Do you have any messages for people who might be interested in checking your music out?

Kelly: A lot of times we hear "I don't really like music where people scream at me but for some reason I like you guys" and that kind of stuff. I think a lot of that has to do with live. We just really have a lot of fun in what we're doing. We jump and knock each other down. We have a good time because we've been friends for so long. But hopefully see us live or go online to our mp3 thing. Hopefully they will have heard of us through a friend. And our website is at

When Reason Sleeps is now available from Century Media Records! Get your own copy and go ballistic today!


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