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The music of Grabesmond is haunting and compelling, taking you to dark worlds where giants and gnomes roam. Just one listen to the mystical strains of any Grabesmond composition and you'll be hooked. Ambient and Dark Wave are just musical descriptions, much too limiting for what Grabesmond has to offer. Read on to find out more about this unique project.

Highwire Daze: Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Grabesmond and let me know how long the band has been together.

Lucia: I am Lucia, I am the one and only member of GRABESMOND. The "band" was formed in early 1995 by Peter (of ABIGOR) and Protector (of SUMMONING), but their only release was a limited demo, entitled "In schwindendem Licht", after that demo they split up because of their main bands. In mid 1996 as I moved from Sweden to Austria, Peter told me about GRABESMOND, and because of the reason Iíd like to have my own and new band, I decided to resurrect GRABESMOND with the new line-up and a quite different musical direction.

HD: Describe the music of Grabesmond to people who have never heard it before.

Lucia: Itís hard to describe, because it contains so many differnt forms of art, but I try to unleash soundscapes of dreamworlds, classical compositions, to machinelike visions with pounding percussion, distored effects and my vocals that should lead the listener into the realms far beyond this three dimensional world. Yet GRABESMOND canít be linked to any specific direction of art because itís spectrum extends again and again, so one can see it as music for a new millenium -- not from , nor for this world as we currently know it...

HD: Where do some of the musical ideas come from?

Lucia: I listen to various styles of music which surely all influence me in some ways, but Iíve no real band, nor musical style I prefer. Iíve had piano, guitar, and flute lessons for a long time. If Iíve some ideas itís not that big problem to transform it for suitable compositions for GRABESMOND, so itís all just a kind of intuition that reveals itself as I play the instruments.

HD: What are your favorite film scores?

Lucia: The Phantom Of The Opera for example, and nearly all kinds of Vampire movies, freaky cartoons, and some others of course, too.

HD: Have you ever thought about composing music for films?

Lucia: That would be great, unfortunatelly I havenít had any offers yet. But I can imagine myself composing material for horror movies, and also some kind of utopic stuff.

HD: When listening to your music, where is it you'd like to take a listener to?

Lucia: Into the world of dreams, into his/her own subconsciousness where the listener should form individual landscapes that come to the mind while listening to GRABESMOND. So itís no specific journey Iíd like to lead the listener through, but people should look into themselves while listening to my music and finally itíll offers itís real capacity.

HD: Has Grabesmond ever played live or plan to do so in the near future?

Lucia: No, I havenít played live yet, and currently I doubt that I ever will. It depends on DRAENOR PRODUCTIONS, itís promotion and the sell-rates. Maybe, if everything comes along well theyíll support a tour or some gigs. Weíll see.

HD: What album or CD do you own now that someone would be very surprised to find in your collection?

Lucia: Army Of Lovers, and some stuff of Pearl Jam.

HD: What was your favorite CD of 1999 and why?

Lucia: OTYGís "Sagovindars Boning," because I enjoy their lyrics, and it reminds me alot on my homeland.

HD: How many Grabesmond recordings are available and what are they?

Lucia: The debut album, entitled "Mordenheim" was released in late 1997 through DRAENOR PRODUCTIONS and now my second album, "Xenoglossie" has been released, and thatís it so far.

HD: What are the plans for Grabesmond in the year 2000?

Lucia: I hope that the new album will get some good response and weíll see how everything turns out. Anyhow, a new album is the aim I strive for in the year 2000, and maybe Iíll do some synths again for HEIDENREICH or any upcoming projects of some friends, or my husband Peter.

HD: Any messages for people who are reading this interview and may now want to check out your music?

Lucia: Thanx for your interest and support of GRABESMOND, and to all people who are open minded to the real different taste in music, check out "Xenoglossie." Stay proud for what you believe in, follow your own chosen path, and remember - hidding in the shadows is not the way of the strong!


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