Updated: 06/10/04

A lot has happened for Evergreen Terrace over the last few years. After a stint on Indianola Records, the band moved to Eulogy and released Burned Alive By Time, an album that brought them a good deal of attention. And now arriving at your local record store is Writerís Block, an disc filled with cover songs ranging from NOFX, Tears For Fears, Smashing Pumpkins, and even Poison! We recently emailed guitarist Josh to find out more about the adventures of Evergreen Terrace!

What is the music scene like in Jacksonville, FL and how does Evergreen Terrace fit in?
Well when we started there wasnít really a hardcore scene in Jacksonville. We were the first band to actually do something, it was kinda hard at first cause Jax had a big punk scene, so all we were able to play was punk shows....I donít think kids really knew what was going on, ha. Over the years punk has faded and now been replaced with hardcore, it seems like everyone is into it now.

Where did you get the band name? It sounds like a retirement home or deluxe apartments that would be too expensive for most of our readers to afford.
Ha, itís actually the street The Simpsons live on.

How did your tour in Australia go? Any unusual stories?
The tour was amazing, one of the funnest tours I have ever been a part of. Ton of stories, but not a lot that I can tell you about, ha. Sorry.

While in Australia, did a kangaroo ever hop into one of the venues and attempt to stop the show?
No, but I did get to cuddle with one and take a picture, it was intense.

At this point, what made you decide to do an all covers album called Writers Block?
Well we didnít have enough original material to do a new full length, so we decided that it would be fun and hold people over Ďtil we were ready to write a new record.

What did Eulogy initially think when you went to them and said the next album would be nothin' but covers?
They said "good idea, but it wonít count towards your contract."

Whose idea was it to do Maniac?
Iím not really sure, I think we were just listening to some 80's comp and heard it and all thought it would be funny as shit.

And who decided to do the Poison track?
Thatís all Craig.

What did you think of Hum at Furnacefest last year? And what made you guys decide to cover Stars? Seems like it might be a difficult song to play.
I didnít watch them, I have never been a huge fan. A couple of the guys in the band really wanted to cover it so we did. No real reason, it is probably one of my least favorites on the record.

Tell me a little about the one original song on the CD, Brave Reality.
Itís got a few chug chugs and some want wants, even a little yeepie yays. Pretty solid in my opinion.

For those who have yet to see you, describe a live Evergreen Terrace show.

Any chance of you guys getting back out here to the LA/Orange County area to do some shows?
Yeah, most def. OC shows have always been fun. Iím sure we will be out there this fall.

How close are you to recording a new album of all original tunes?
Hmmm...hopefully it will be out Spring of 2005, if we can ever break from touring, ha.

What are the future plans for Evergreen Terrace?
Touring as much as possible, hitting up Europe in June. Write a new record. Roll deep in steeze.

Any final words of wisdom?
Donít steal my stuff.

Thanks to Patricia at The Spitfire zine for the use of her photos. Visit her website at and check out other photos and band info!!!


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