Updated: 05/24/04

Founded by Jason William Walton of Agalloch and Sculptured, Especially Likely Sloth is an unexpected ride into the entrails of pure musical dementia. Waltonís partner in crime is an eight year old boy named Chriss Cobb whose history is as fascinating as his mere existence. Their latest album, the oddly titled But If What Heíll What Ant has been unleashed onto an unsuspecting public via the Vendlus label. So as the Sloth cult regroups to take over the planet, we thought it was time to send Mr. Walton a few inquiries about his remarkable musical venture.

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Especially Likely Sloth, and how long the project has been in existence.
My name is Jason William Walton and I do everything in ELS, except for a few parts that I have aquired help from other people. ELS is my longest running project and I will be celebrating ELS' 10th year in 2005.

Although you have members who participate in bands such as Agalloch and Sculptured, ELS sounds nothing like them. Describe the ELS sound to the uninitiated.
Well, yes, I am in Sculptured as well as Agalloch, and all members of Agalloch and most of Sculptured have helped with ELS over the years. After all, Agalloch and Sculptured are basically the same band with a few exceptions. To describe ELS is rather futile, but I can tell you the major influences for ELS are The Residents, Mr. Bungle, John Zorn, The Danielson Famile, The Ramones, Fossil Fuel, Sockeye, Olson, Brighter Death Now, Estradasphere, along with many others.

Who is Chriss Cobb and why is he possessing you?
Chriss Cobb is an eight year old boy. He is rather odd, and he comes from the commons of Screaming Trout in the territories of Svenkta. "Possess" is a rather strong word. Wrong actually. Chriss helps me with ELS, it is really our vehicle, some of him, some of me. Depends on our collective mood. Chriss is shy, I help him preach the gospel of Svenkta. I may tell more in the ELS book that he and I are currently writing...

What is the significance behind the title But If What He'll What Ant?
He'll What Ant is the composer of the Sventka Courage Specimen. So, the title questions He'll What Ant in a slight stutter. Where it should read "But If He'll What Ant" the stutter adds the extra "What" which adds confusion to the sentence which represents the high speech of Screaming Trout.

What is the strangest thing someone has said about ELS?
I am going to take it upon myself to change this question slightly. I am going to add 'the stupidest thing' as well. Strangest would be things such as describing it as 'good sex music' but actually, most things people have said are not very strange. The stupidest would be comparing ELS to bands like Ween, and They Might Be Giants. Usually this is due to the fact people are clueless when it comes to having an imagination. Most of the time every single damn review and comment is the same. Allow me to paraphrase. "What would it sound like if you put a small child in a room with a keyboard and gave him lots of LSD and speed and put him in a blender and made him listen to Ween while an elf walks by and eats chocolate and the kid inhales helium and pretends to be stupid." It makes me rather irritated. No imagination, and no real thought about the music at all. None.

Have you ever played live or plan to do so in the future?
I plan to, but havenít yet. Hopefully that will change soon.

Where can our readers go to join the Sloth cult, and what does this group of individuals have to offer?
The sloth cult is all but dead at the moment. But with the next album, I hope to reinstate it. If anyone is serious about joining, they can email me at and I will give them the proper info on joining. Basically, the cult specializes in spreading the word of ELS by whoring ELS to gas stations, bed and breakfasts, and everywhere they can. Much like a street team, but much more annoying and pointless. The Sloth cult gets missions assigned to them on an irregular basis and must report back to Chriss and I. Most assignments have little to do with ELS itself, but general stupidity.

What are the future plans for ELS?
I am about to start writing for the next ELS record which will offer many surprises including some very recognizable names in the credits as contributors.

In addition to Sloth, what other bands or projects are you working on?
Agalloch, Sculptured, Nothing, and Subterreanean Masquerade

Did you come out here with Agalloch in LA for the The End Records tour with Virgin Black? If so, what did you think of Hollywood and the tour overall?
Being the bassist for Agalloch, yes, I was there. Hollywood was interesting. L.A. was very odd, way too hot, way too populated, way too dirty, but yet intriguing at the same time. The tour was wonderful, but the club in Hollywood we played was terrible and the crowd was terrible as well.

Do you agree with me that Britney Spears is the total goddess of all mankind?
No. I do agree she is quite attractive, but there are many more women way more attractive.

Any final words of wisdom?
Listen to The Residents and The Danielson Famile. Do Not Listen to Power Metal.


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