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Drottnar certainly play true Norwegian Black Metal – it is intense and filled with the brutality that has made this style of music so famous all around the world. But these guys don’t write lyrics about Satan or Vikings – Drottnar are Christians and make no apologies for it. And the lyrics can burn through your soul as deeply as anything Darkthrone or Satyricon could come up with. With this in mind, I e-mailed Drottnar a few questions regarding their heavy music and religious lyrics. Answers from guitarist Karl Fredrik start now…

Highwire Daze: Introduce yourself and tell me what you do in Drottnar.

Karl Fredrik: Drottnar is a Norwegian Black Metal band coming from south-east of Norway, near Oslo. The members of Drottnar have played together since 1996, first in a doom/death-metal band called Vitality, then Drottnar was established in 1998. Material from both the Vitality-period, to early black metal from Drottnar has recently been released on a CD called “Spiritual Battle”. This release features dark and slow death/doom and primitive black metal in Viking-veins. Recent Drottnar present faster and more melodic and traditional black metal, along with some “modern” black metal influences. Drottnar consist of four members: Sven-Erik Lind (vocals), Glenn-David Lind (drums), Bjarne Peder Lind (bass) and Karl Fredrik Lind (guitar and synth).

HD: What exactly is a Drottnar?

Karl Fredrik: Drottnar is an Icelandic word for Master and King. Our Drottnar is Jesus Christ to whom we dedicate all our music and lyrics. By Drottnar we also think of Jesus as the Ruler and Master of all, the Almighty One.

HD: Do you feel that the terms Black Metal and Christianity contradict each other?

Karl Fredrik: We consider black metal as a medium of extremeness, in which we can express and further our beliefs, opinions and emotions. Therefore we find no contradictions to Christianity in black metal, thinking of black metal as a music style and way of expressing ourselves. Not any particular anti-Christian movement.

HD: Being from Norway, what do you think of fellow bands like Burzum and Darkthrone?

Karl Fredrik: Even though Burzum and Darkthrone were one of the founders of Norwegian black metal, we cannot say that we have any particular relationship to any of these bands. They have at no time been influential to our music and us, nor have they made any special impression on us. As you say they are our fellow bands and play similar music, though our lyrics are total opposites. Anyway, we feel no conflict or “war” between them and us as persons at all, even though we fight against each other in the spiritual world.

HD: Your lyrics are very aggressive in their messages regarding Christianity. Just how influenced are you by the teachings of Christ and by the Norwegian Black Metal scene?

Karl Fredrik: Our lyrics can sometimes seem quite brutal and extreme, but are at all times in accordance with The Holy Bible and the words of Christ. The lyrics on the album “Spiritual Battle” are very much inspired by the Book of Revelations and deal therefore mostly with the battle ravaging the spiritual world; about finding and receiving Jesus as Lord. Our two Norwegian lyrics on this album are about the crushing victory Christ won over Satan and the salvation we receive through Him as Christians. The Norwegian black metal scene does not influence our lyrics, but the lyrics are still written in a black metal way, fitting our music well.

HD: Are there any other Drottnar recordings available or some being recorded right now?

Karl Fredrik: We are at the moment making songs for a future album, but we recently recorded a new song called “Trellebaand Maa Briste” that will be found on an Extreme Scandinavian Compilation soon released by Swedish Endtime Productions.

HD: What would you tell a non-Christian who liked your music but not the message.

Karl Fredrik: Well, we can’t make anyone like our lyrics if they really dislike them, but I think all should read them well and seriously. Many dislike our lyrics just because they know we have a Christian message and Christian views, but they have barely read what we have to say and tried to understand. Unlike many other black metal bands (especially the recent years) we do have a purpose with our lyrics and dare to further our beliefs and opinions through our music. I think that is very respectable and really in the black metal spirit. So, we would just say to read the lyrics and try to understand and respect, if not just enjoy our music!

HD: What is a live Drottnar show like for those of us who have yet to see you play?

Karl Fredrik: A Drottnar show is massive and loud, with plenty of flashing strobes and thick smoke. A brutal and “cold/dark” light show together with extreme music, all in a majestic atmosphere. We also use white candles on stage, creating a bit mystic and emotional effect.

HD: Any chance Drottnar will play here in the States?

Karl Fredrik: We haven’t planned any US tour yet, so it won’t at least be in the near future. But of course, we hope we get the opportunity to play for the American fans some time. Any invitation is welcomed!

HD: What do you think of the current political atmosphere in places like Austria and does it affect you in any way.

Karl Fredrik: The political atmosphere is a bit tense in different places around the world. And like the situation in countries like Austria, it’s frightening to see how leaders with relationship with Nazism are given charge and being accepted by people.

HD: If there was one message you'd like someone to get out of hearing your music, what would it be?

Karl Fredrik: The most important message: Jesus Christ is Lord, and He is the One and only who gives salvation and eternal Life. This is also the main reason why we play.

HD: Any messages for Metal fans here in the States?

Karl Fredrik: Check our homepage out at: and contact us through mail at:

Many thanks for Karl Fredrik for taking the time to answer these questions. The latest Drottnar album is entitled SPIRITUAL BATTLE and it’s available from Plankton Records!


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