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Originated: 05/27/00 (see below for North Amercian dates updated on 11/05/00)

Updated: 11/13/00 -- Pictures added from their November To Dismember 2000 Live Appearance!

About a year ago, Dark Funeral came into town and haunted the City of Angels with their blasphemous music! Black Metal of the most evil persuasion, band members seem to come and go within the inner circle of Dark Funeral. And as they search for permanent members, an EP has been released on the No Fashion/House Of Kicks label. Entitled TEACH CHILDREN TO WORSHIP SATAN, the disc features four cover tracks and one brand new track entitled "An Apprentice To Satan." It is always a pleasure to speak with founding member Lord Ahriman, who let us know just what exactly is going on within the Dark Funeral cult...

Highwire Daze: Introduce yourself and tell me what you do in Dark Funeral.

Lord Ahriman: I'm Lord Ahriman, guitarist and founder of the band.

HD: What made you decide to do an EP of cover tunes?

Lord Ahriman: Our first intention was to record these four cover tracks for tribute albums only. But when our record company eventually listened to the songs, they felt they were too good to only be featured on the tributes. They suggested that we should release them as a sort of special Dark Funeral MCD, in the wait for our next full-length album. We thought the idea was good, but felt this special release would not be complete without at least including one new Dark Funeral song. So we got together in the rehearsal room. And wrote, and eventually recorded "An Apprentice Of Satan" together with Tommy Tagtgren in the Abyss Studio 2. Shortly after, we came up with the idea to record a live video for the new song and feature it as a MPEG track on the MCD. At the time we came up with this idea, we had a gig confirmed in Uppsala (Sweden). And we felt like, if it's going to happen, it has to happen on this gig. So we hired a video crew to film the show. Ylva, the movie director that filmed and edited the video clip we did on The Secrets Of The Black Arts, edited the video. It turned out killer. The release is somewhat delayed, but is finally scheduled for a release in March 2000. The complete track listings is a follows; An Apprentice Of Satan, The Trial (King Diamond), Dead Skin Mask (Slayer), Remember The Fallen (Sodom) & Mayhem (Pagan Fears) plus the live video for the new song "An Apprentice Of Satan" CD-extra MPEG video.

HD: Why did you select the songs you do to be covered on the EP. Where there any you wanted to include but didn't?

Lord Ahriman: When we decide to do cover songs, there are a few criteria they have to uphold. At first the band/artist and song in itself must have made a sort of impact on us personally. The songs we do should also be musically a bit different from what we play with Dark Funeral; preferable we pick a slow song to cover. And we must also feel that we are capable to do an honest version of the song. Instead of Remember The Fallen, I would personally have liked to do Nuclear Winter, but it was already taken. I think it was Krisiun who did it. Otherwise I'm very satisfied with the selection of songs.

HD: Give me a little background on the brand new song you recorded for the EP.

Lord Ahriman: It is called An Apprentice Of Satan. Musically it takes off pretty much from where we left on Vobiscum Satanas. Compared to our previous albums, the song is a bit more variated and does include more slow and atmospheric parts. Beat-wise it is the fastest song we have ever done, but since it's including some slow parts. It may not give that impression on the listeners. All in all, it shows pretty much in what direction we are heading. To a faster, more variated and atmospheric style.

HD: Have you had any problems with the title Teach Children To Worship Satan?

Lord Ahriman: Not yet, but I'm sure it will eventually cause problems in some territories.

HD:What can we expect from the new full length Dark Funeral album and when will it be released?

Lord Ahriman: We will continue from where we left on Vobiscum Satanas. Bring our music into a new hellish dimension. Which in other words means that we will continue to play fast and obscure black metal, but try to bring in more slower, atmospheric & sorrow-filled parts. And I guess the new song "An Apprentice Of Satan" shows some of the new influences on what is to come. We have just got our studio time confirmed. So the new album will be put on tape during 4 weeks in the Abyss studio, Jan-Feb 2001. Stay tuned… HD: You toured the States for the first time last year. How did it go and what kinds of reactions did you get?

Lord Ahriman: That was actually our second time we toured the States. The first time we played the States we did a 5 dates mini tour in Oct-Nov 1997. Anyhow, this the last time things didn't go that good for us. Two of the three dates we did, turned out as a disaster really. We had some major technical problems. So unfortunately we was not able to give the audience our best. The third one, the last show we did, the one in San Francisco turned out pretty cool though. And the response was really good.

HD: What does the term Satanism mean to you and how serious are you about it?

Lord Ahriman: To me Satanism is an anti-religion. My whole belief system is based upon my own satanic rules and values. Which in short builds on my spiritual conviction, individuality, independence and strength, but also anti-religious point of views of course. Satanism is a very individual philosophy and way of life. Therefore different persons may sometimes define it in different ways. However there is always something spiritually that we all (Satanists) have in common. For me Satan and the magic is a dark force that can be used in different ways and for different purposes. Survival of the fittest!

HD: What do you think of the Christian Black Meta" scene?

Lord Ahriman: To me there exist no such things as a Christian black metal scene. You can't just name a music style Christian black metal. I mean, it’s the same as calling something christian Satanism. It just doesn't make any sense you know? So f*ck all those morons who are trying to name their music for such a bullsh*t name.

HD: How do you feel about the political situation in Austria and do you think it could ever affect you and your music?

Lord Ahriman: I'm not interested in politics so I have really no opinion on what's going on in Austria. Although I'm sure it won't affect Dark Funeral in any way.

HD: Any plans for another Dark Funeral tour?

Lord Ahriman: We just completed the No Mercy Festival tour (11 dates throughout Europe), with the bands; Deicide, Immortal, Cannibal Corpse, Hate Eternal, Marduk, Vader & Vomitory. It was a killer tour indeed. Wish it we could tour the States with the same bill…. We have now said that we won’t tour anything more until we have a new full-length album out. We have however three festivals confirmed for the summer -- Full Force (DE), Silesia II (CZH) & Wacken (DE). Apart from these dates we will concentrate to complete material for a new full- length album. As soon as the new album is out I'm sure we will tour throughout the world.

HD: Do you have a day job when you are not performing in Dark Funeral and if you do, have your co-workers ever heard your music?

Lord Ahriman: Yeah. I actually work as a sort of consult for House Of Kicks & No Fashion Records. I mainly work with graphic design, but I'm also a web designer among many other things. And NFR/HOK has of course all heard Dark Funeral. I'm not afraid of telling people that I'm a musician, playing very extreme black metal. And I'm not afraid to play our music for new associates. If they don't like what they hear, so what. If they don't want to cooperate with me because of the music I play and/or perhaps my personal views it's their lost, not mine. I'll continue my crusade no matter what.

HD: Do you think Black Metal will increase in popularity?

Lord: Ahriman: Yeah I do. Whether that's good or not is another story, but I'm sure it will increase.

HD: What are the future plans for Dark Funeral?

Lord Ahriman: To find a new permanent drummer is priority no 1 right now. If there are some drummers who is reading this and would be interested to try out with us, please contact us at darkfuneral@chello.se. The K-Monster HD: Any messages for Dark Funeral fans here in the States?

Lord Ahriman: Make sure to check out our new EP titled "Teach Children To Worship Satan". Out soon through Metal Blade in the States.


Photos by Gunnar Weber-Prada


00.11.09  Boston-Worcester MA, Palladium US
00.11.10  San Bernadino CA - Orange Pavillion US (November to Dismember)
00.11.11  New York NY - Wetlands US (Deathstock 2000 w Cryptopsy/Enslaved)
00.11.12  Montreal QUE - Foufounes CAN
00.11.14  Toronto ONT - Cathedral Room  CAN (new date!)
00.11.18  Motala - Folketspark Festival  SE

Teach Children To Worship Satan by Dark Funeral


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