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Welcome to Council Of The Fallen - a chaotic world of blackened death brought to you from the very depths of South Carolina. Featuring members of Hate Eternal and Broken Hope, Council's debut album is entitled Revealing Damnation, and it's guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on all extreme metal fans.

Highwire Daze: Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Council Of The Fallen, and how long the band has been together.

Kevin Quirion: This is Kevin Quirion and I play guitar in COTF as well as providing the vocals that sound like a monkey has had his balls cut-off. Derek Roddy, the drummer, and I have been playing together for about five years and right before we recorded the album Sean Baxter, bass and death metal vocals, joined us.

HD: Where did you get the band name from - any story behind that?

Kevin: The name originally was going to be an album title. I was using the name Vehement, but Derek went on tour and said that there was a band out west using the name Vehemence and I decided that this was too close and that we should find another name. Derek remembered me saying Council Of The Fallen once so we decided on that. It's a much better name anyway.

HD: How difficult has it been working with two other members who are constantly working with their main bands. How serious are they about Council Of The Fallen?

Kevin: It isn't very difficult at all. We only get together about once a year, but when we are together we just continue from were we left off before. Most communication is on-line and from sending 4-track recordings to each other. Sean and Derek both still have a lot of free time to contribute to COTF and are just as serious about it as I am.

HD: Where did you get the ideas for some of the song lyrics on Revealing Damnation? Any story regarding the album title?

Kevin: Lyrics right themselves. I grew up going to a catholic school and most of the lyrics are dealing with the question of a god. Is there one? The answers I have found have come from within. The title is the band Revealing to the world that their lives will end and that Damnation is intended for all. Other lyrics deal with solitude and the isolation that I enjoy.

HD: Has Council Of The Fallen ever played live and are there any chances of a tour?

Kevin: Is there a god? What color is Shakira's underwear? Will COTF tour? All these questions have the same answer. I don't know, but I'd like to find out. We haven't played out yet, but when we record the next album we might try and get on a bill if someone is coming through. A tour is a difficult thing to pull off. We would all love to, but I can't guarantee anything.

HD: Are you involved with any other bands or projects in addition to Council Of The Fallen?

Kevin: This is my only band. I don't plan on having any others. If I joined another band the songs would end up sounding just like Council anyway so there would be no point.

HD: Tell me about the recording process and how it was to record at Derek Roddy's studio?

Kevin: It was very laid back. Derek even went to work during the day and we recorded at night. Sean and I would go to South Beach and look at topless women, which I usually have to pay to see, but down there they do it for free on the beach. I prefer Derek producing and doing all the engineering. The studio is were we rehearse also so we are use to the atmosphere. Atmosphere is too big a word. How about small enclosed shed like space? That's better.

HD: So is there any kind of metal scene going on in South Carolina?

Kevin: Is Madonna a virgin? Not much for metal going on in South Carolina. There is Nile on the west end and a couple other bands that aren't signed. Lecherous Nocturne is a good one. We should rename the band Council Of The Fallen Into A Black Hole That Is South Carolina, but that name is too long.

HD: If Britney Spears invites you to go on tour and play guitar in her band, what would you do?

Kevin: I would do one tour to save up money and then spend the money on a COTF tour. I am totally Britneyed out and am at the point were I don't even want to have sex with her. I prefer Shakira any day. HD: Has Council recorded any other material on tribute albums - or do you plan to in the future?

Kevin: We will never be any part of a tribute album or do any covers. This whole tribute thing has gone completely out of hand. There was a tribute for COTF out before we even had our first CD out. It's not even good publicity for a band and record labels cash in. Screw that.

HD: What are the future plans for Council? Do you have any new material you haven't recorded yet?

Kevin: The next album is written and Sean and I just have to write lyrics for four songs. We plan on recording it Jan/Feb 2003 if all goes well. I am constantly writing songs and already have a couple written for the third album. Sean will have one on the next album, Derek has one and this other guitarist we have played with, Randy Piro has written two also.

HD: Do you have any messages for metal fans who might be interested in checking out your music?

Kevin: Go to our website and download a song. Buy the album and if you don't like it just trade it for something you do like. Any fan of death or black metal should like it. I've only heard good feedback so far. Try it. You know you want to. Later people.


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