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Pictures from a meet and greet they did at Ozzfest 2000 in San Bernardino. Just scroll down and check them out!

After making their American debut at Ozzfest last year, thereís been plenty going on within the walls of Apartment 26. Theyíve been signed to Hollywood Records and have just released their debut recording entitled Hallucinating. Featuring Biff on vocals, who is the son of Geezer Butler from Black Sabbath, Apartment 26 combine the rave culture with a ferocious nu-metal attitude, coming up with a thrilling sound that is all their own. We recently had a chance to speak with Biff while the bands was touring here in America.

Highwire Daze: Describe the music of Apartment 26 to someone who hasnít heard it yet.

Biff: I suppose itís a combination of four people who have very interesting musical taste Ė and just see what would happen if we tried to write together. While on paper it shouldnít really work, but this is what comes out of that kind of mess. Itís really an amalgamation of all kinds of things.

HD: What was the crowd reaction towards Apartment 26 like at Ozzfest?

Biff: Surpringsly wicked! There was not a negative reaction to be had, as far as I saw. I guess if someone, didnít like it, they could go somewhere else or go lay down on the lawn if they wanted to. And people who liked us were going off Ė and there seemed to be a lot of those people. So the crowd reaction was very good.

HD: Compare your experience at Ozzfest to some of the touring youíre doing now.

Biff: For one, back then we were in a bus and now weíre in a van. We started out doing stuff on our own more on our own Ė then we were riding on the back of this giant tour Ė and the amount of thinking you have to do for yourself is very minimal. It was also summertime and twelve other bands, all of whom were amazing, that you could hang out with. It was like a massive traveling party. Just touring normally, itís a different kind of vibe. You play smaller, in your face venues, which are sometimes way more fun than the outdoor stuff. And weíre just getting to know each other more Ė obviously there arenít as many other bands to be hanging out with. Itís not that oneís better and oneís worse Ė theyíre both just a little different.

HD: When I talked to you last year, you werenít signed to a record label yet. What made you sign to Hollywood Records?

Biff: We recorded our demo tape, which ended up being a CD that we released. Various record labels were hearing it and a couple of then flew out to England to meet with us. Hollywood was just the one were the meeting went the best Ė we liked certain elements of them. They have huge backing, being financed by Disney Ė they have all the financial backing in the world, and then again they kind of have the vibe of a smaller label. It was the best of both worlds. They were the most keen, and therefore they were the most deserved.

HD: What is the song Doing It Anyway about?

Biff: Itís about the ability to see a girl and be like "Yeah, I wonder what her vagina tastes like." And then the fact that we happen to be on tour, you just get given it straight away. Itís kind of fun for the first ten minutes and then it grew old pretty quick for us. I guess itís kind of dumb, because weíre so young and we should be out enjoying ourselves as much as we can. It just shows the different levels of humans, I guess. People get angry at certain guys for disrespecting women Ė but these girls are pretty much candy and kind of disposable. So itís kind of a reaction against that.

HD: Where did you get the ideas for some of the other songs on the album?

Biff: From anywhere. Most of the songs, one line could be about one thing and the next line is about something completely different. But the topics we write about Ė a lot of them are about us and whatís been going on. One day weíre rehearsing in somebodyís garage or basement and the next day weíre on Ozzfest and there was really no build up or seven years of touring our asses off. It was like, "All right, you guys are pretty good. Letís go." And as soon as the Ozzfest was over, it was like "Letís take a little break." But then we got sign and had to do an album, so we wrote intensely for a month and then we fell into the wickedest studio in sunny Los Angeles. We were just four kids from England with all of this sh*t happening around us and because of us. Thatís just one example of the song topics.

HD: Where did the name Apartment 26 come from?

Biff: The movie director David Lynch features either the apartment or room 26 in all of his movies Ė and it was just something we picked up on. We were into the way this thing kept appearing in all of his movies and named the band after that.

HD: Are you a David Lynch fan?

Biff: We havenít recently been able to watch movies, but we all very much like his movies. Originally, when we first started writing as a band, we were watching those movies at the time and needed a band name Ė and that kind of came up.

HD: What are some of your favorite films?

Biff: Well, Iím personally a Tim Burton fan and a big Stanley Kubrick and Terry Gilliam fan. You canít really go wrong with those people.

HD: What did you think of Eyes Wide Shut?

Biff: I actually really liked it Ė I thought it was great! The ending was one of my favorite endings of any movies. I could see why some people didnít like it, but itís an amazing film and I very much enjoyed it.

HD: Have you seen David Lynchís The Straight Story?

Biff: No, it didnít really make a major release in England. By the time we came over here, it was gone from the movies, so we didnít get a chance to see it.

HD: How annoying is it to answer questions in reference to your dad in interviews?

Biff: Itís fine, because usually like if an interview consists of ten questions, one question will be about that. I mean, if people want to know, Iím not going to be a tool and not talk about that. Itís fine, because the focus really hasnít been on that at all. If that was all the interviews were about, that would be kind of annoying. But it isnít the only thing people want to know, so itís fair enough. Hopefully by the second album, those discussions will finally have faded away. But as for now, we really kind of expect it.

HD: What does your dad think of your band?

Biff: He likes us a lot. I guess heís kind of influenced by us Ė in some of his solo stuff you can kind of hear the influences from us. He gets along with the whole band pretty well and we all exchange ideas.

HD: Has he ever thought about asking you to be the singer on one of his solo projects?

Biff: I donít know if heís thought about it, but he hasnít asked. It would be a fun thing to do. The singer he had on his last album was the most amazing singer Iíve ever heard. I donít think heíd want me to come along and spoil it.

HD: What could we expect from the current live Apartment 26 show?

Biff: I guess if you look at the difference between a bandís demo tape when theyíre 12 and a bandís album, I suppose thatís the difference between us live now and us at Ozzfest. The album material is a lot heavier and a lot more us. During Ozzfest we were discovering that and now with the help of Borrick Wild (who produced the album), our sound is now one that we should be proud of. Ozzfest was us discovering ourselves and it was a big stage to be doing that on. So anyone whoís seen us at Ozzfest, that was kind of a preparation, and now we kind of try to involve the rave culture into our live shows. Originally we were catering to the Ozz head banging market, but now we incorporate both worlds.


Photos by Gunnar Weber-Prada


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